Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fight Club

Fight club is a film that follows the life of a character that is unnamed, because of this it can be seen to regarded as a film that is easily relatable to others watching because his identity is anonymous. His goal is to challenge the power of capitalism in the United States as he leaves his formal and routine job behind. It makes the ambitious attempt to imagine a world without capitalism. The characters that follow the fight club are against cooperations and materialistic things and it clear that the film attempts to point out the absurdities of these modern traits. It does not necessarily attempt to imagine an entire, modern human race without capitalism, this could be too controversial or complex to attempt to make, it instead creates a minority that are against it. It does highlight the monotonous nature of capitalism and the holes in it, rather than bringing to light perhaps the more positive aspects of American life which other pieces of film, tv, music etc may attempt to do.


Friends is an American sitcom and I think that the TV series offers a critique of America today. It is still a popular TV show with many and it is in their hearts, creating fans all over the world as it is still relatable and you find aspects of yourselves in the characters s after nearly 10 years of its first original showing back in 1994 and will still do so in the distant future. Friends represents well the people of America and their aspirations, trying hard to work from the bottom, taking any opportunity that they are given to try and achieve the best and more prosperous life they can have. The characters have that determination, much like Americans, too keep fighting in hard times, stick together and push on. They dealt with everyday problems that Americans could face from deaths in the family to job opportunities, from relationships to creating families.  

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nike (Football)

Nike is a brand that has many aspects that can be seen to be comparable to many American principles. One of which being the American dream. The reason for this is that the makers of the brand got the brand started by only dealing with shoes and only grossing $8,000 in it's first year. To go from these humble beginnings to becoming one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world is a perfect example of the American dream. This is very much replicated in its advertisement. It's been disputed by some, but it's rumoured that the first pair of trainers used in the Olympics helped Otis Davis win 2 gold medals, who was coached by one of the founders of the brands Bill Bowerman. It's both lucky and a credit to his product.

  In this advert for Nike football, it's clear to see that the idea of being able to achieve your goals from from humble roots is very present. The footballer starts in what looks like very shabby surroundings and then ends up playing for Arsenal and Holland. He gets this through hard work and plenty of training. Also gains fame and fortune because he uses a Nike product as well as hard work. It also promotes the idea of luck playing a role, as the right people were there to scout him. So, in as sense, is saying you need luck, as well as hard work to achieve your goals. So shares some ideologies with the book Ragged Dick.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple has become one of, if not the biggest, leading brand for technology recently, boasting products such as the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad as well as the Mac.
Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne and was called Apple Computer Inc. The word 'Computer' was removed from the company name in 2007 as the company started to work on the idea of the iPhone. Since, Apple have also extended into software such as safari and iTunes and the iTunes store.
This advertisement is a minute long montage of images of people using their iPhone's to take pictures. These people range in age, gender, and in their locations and what they are doing. This aims to show the versatility of the iPhone, and how it can be used by virtually anyone. This links to the key American idea of freedom, as the iPhone allows the consumer to use it and take pictures however and wherever they chose to do so. Therefore, the advert aims not just to sell the product, but the idea that by owning this product you can do whatever you like or be whoever you want to be, allowing yourself to start anew and improve yourself.


Clint Eastwood Chrysler Superbowl Commercial 

This particular commercial featuring American legend, Clint Eastwood, explores the strength of American values and beliefs. I think that the fact that Clint Eastwood is the primary subject in this advert, appeals to more people as he is a public figure that people will look up to, and in hand, promoting these products whilst making this message inspirational.  

I think that when Eastwood, talks about being stronger and fighting and the idea that America is coming back for round 2, suggests that, that is a significant factor in American values. The strength and belief, that the people have in their country. A belief that, obviously, through this video is held exceptionally dear to the Americans. 

This ad, is said to have caused controversy politically, as it is subtly echoing some of the president's major reelection campaign themes.

G I Joe

G.I. Joe is a line of action figures produced by the toy company Hasbro. This US commercial for the Action Figure G I Joe, symbolizes the culture in the US. This action figure was a huge success in the US in the 80s and 90s and is still popular today.

They were meant to represent the military in the US, with the action figure covering all the different aspects such as: Foot Soldiers, Navy Sailors, Pilots… etc. The amount the US spends on its military budget is 48% of the world’s military spending and is the size of the next 7 countries after them forces combined together. Many people in US want to support the US Army, more so than here in the UK, as supporting their military seems to fall into the category of being very patriotic. Also with the camera angle looking up at the action figures it shows there power and dominance - in this sense of the US military not just the action figures as it is know that the US military is world leading and dominate in: size power and technology

The Advert is centred around the historical event that was Pearl Harbour, a major event in the US Military history, and is remembered today. With the US Flag constant in the background, it allows anyone around the world to know that no matter what language they are listening the advert in, they will all know that it is supporting America and it is part of the US Culture.


It is an advertisement for Levi's jeans, which originated in America and has now become very popular and common to wear. The advert displays American values, such as equality and freedom, which it can be suggested that's what jeans represent as all social classes and genders/ races wear jeans and so they are equal. It also hints at the Revolution (fireworks/ 4th of July/freedom).