Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fight Club

Fight club is a film that follows the life of a character that is unnamed, because of this it can be seen to regarded as a film that is easily relatable to others watching because his identity is anonymous. His goal is to challenge the power of capitalism in the United States as he leaves his formal and routine job behind. It makes the ambitious attempt to imagine a world without capitalism. The characters that follow the fight club are against cooperations and materialistic things and it clear that the film attempts to point out the absurdities of these modern traits. It does not necessarily attempt to imagine an entire, modern human race without capitalism, this could be too controversial or complex to attempt to make, it instead creates a minority that are against it. It does highlight the monotonous nature of capitalism and the holes in it, rather than bringing to light perhaps the more positive aspects of American life which other pieces of film, tv, music etc may attempt to do.

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