Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Apple iPhone 5

Apple has become one of, if not the biggest, leading brand for technology recently, boasting products such as the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad as well as the Mac.
Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne and was called Apple Computer Inc. The word 'Computer' was removed from the company name in 2007 as the company started to work on the idea of the iPhone. Since, Apple have also extended into software such as safari and iTunes and the iTunes store.
This advertisement is a minute long montage of images of people using their iPhone's to take pictures. These people range in age, gender, and in their locations and what they are doing. This aims to show the versatility of the iPhone, and how it can be used by virtually anyone. This links to the key American idea of freedom, as the iPhone allows the consumer to use it and take pictures however and wherever they chose to do so. Therefore, the advert aims not just to sell the product, but the idea that by owning this product you can do whatever you like or be whoever you want to be, allowing yourself to start anew and improve yourself.

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