Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Positive 'iconic' image of America
For my positive iconic image of America, I've picked the Hollywood sign. Everyone instantly recognizes the Hollywood sign as identifiable of America, and the film and entertainment industry. Hollywood in Los Angeles is the go to place for aspiring actors and actresses, or anyone dreaming of making the big time. This shows the American Dream, and relates to the idea of making a new beginning, with the feeling that in America, anything is possible. The sign itself, built in 1923, is symbolic of the hopes and dreams of many wanting to 'see their name in lights', and is a popular tourist attraction in the Hollywood Hills, helping to bring in a record-breaking 41.4 million tourists to Los Angeles in 2012.
Negative 'iconic' image of America
The September 11th attacks, or 9/11, was a tragedy not just for the United States, but also for the rest of the world. The Twin Towers was a financial base for New York businesses, with many employed and working there for different companies, creating a community within those who worked there. They were iconic buildings in New York, and the US as a whole, as they stood tall together protruding the skyline. The impact of 9/11 was felt like an earthquake through American society, with all eyes gripped on the tragic events unfolding for all across the world to witness. I feel this image shows America as vulnerable. Although America stands strong as a United nation, it doesn't make it invincible. This image is strongly associated to terrorism, the aftermath of this event lead to the 'War on terrorism', which is highly controversial and has a split public opinion. The site where the towers once stood is now synonymous for the grieving of a great nation, and as a place of remembrance for all those innocent lives tragically lost.

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