Wednesday, 25 September 2013

This iconic photo demonstrates the harsh reality for African Americans during the civil rights movement. It also optimises the hypocrisy of America and how unfair life could be in a country that self proclaims itself to be the land of the free. Racism has been a common negative aspect in American culture, and has been an issue that has been tirelessly fought against for centuries. Although this picture was taken during the 60's I believe that it is still an issue that is unresolved in America. It is true that the situation has improved since the time of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, but I believe that it still, on some what a subconscious level, a real negative aspect of American culture. Although Barack Obama is in the White House, it would be na├»ve to say that there is still a proportion of American citizens that are not still racist.

The positive photo I have chosen exemplifies the "American Dream". It proves that America is in fact a country that does offer opportunities for all comers. I also believe the negative image I have chosen helps emphasise the vast change in culture and tolerance that America has experienced over the last 50 years. From a country that was not willing to let an African American on the front of bus to then accept an African American in the White House shows the possibilities and potential that America has. It justifies a lot of the optimism that Americans feel, which in Britain we are not used to. It also proves the fact that America does not have this vague issue with class that we have. This idea of optimism sets America apart from the rest of the world and is something other nations should aspire to.

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