Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Vietnam War (also known as The American War in Vietnam)

The Vietnam War is exceptionally significant in America's negative aspects. America suffered a huge loss whilst participating, by the end of 1966, there was an estimated 400,000 US troops in Vietnam, many of whom did not return home.  The Vietnam War was the first American war to be televised, which had an impact on American society considerably, especially since the media were publicising the  suffering of many young men, dying on foreign soil. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C, remains the potent of symbols of American Loss.

The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was created in 1875, it's purpose was to signify a mutual friendship between the United States of America and France, it is a symbol of freedom and democracy, a statue of the Roman Goddess, Libertas, the Goddess of freedom. Although it is primarily an icon of freedom, some view it as a welcoming signal to arriving immigrants. 

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