Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The good and Bad

“The glamour of it all! New York! America!" Charlie Chaplin

I think that this is an iconic positive picture of USA as New York City is a place that most people, if not nearly everyone in the world has heard about. New York City offers incomparable museums, attractions, restaurants, hotels, theatres, entertainment and shopping and it is because of this that makes it one destination that most people want to go to in their lives and this is prove by the 50.9 million people that visited the city last year the highest on record. Also I think that the Statue of Liberty looking over the Atlantic ocean still gives that feeling of hope and joy to people when they land at the surrounding airports, maybe not for the same reasons as what she did in the late 1800s, but nevertheless it is a positive iconic figure as it shows that Americans are proud of their past and want to show it to the world.


USA has many negative sides to it, but in my personal opinion the gun “situation” over there is what I believe is the worst negative aspect. It is well known all over the world how it is so average to have a house hold gun in nearly every home in the US, ranging from small hand guns to possibly rifles. But is it needed? If the US has similar gun rules to how Europe does would we hear stories like: The Batman film shooting in Colorado or the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting? Most probably not, but the US will as a whole be unwilling to give up to right to have a gun as it is part of their history and culture going all the way back to the Cowboys and British Colonialism and because of this no politician will do anything about it as they know it will affect their poll ratings which is a shame as they are meant to be there for the people.



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