Wednesday, 9 October 2013

French View of American Cinema

  The source that I have chosen discusses France's view on American cinema and how it can affect theirs. Ultimately, it assesses the French's determination and stubbornness to not let American characteristics filter itself through into their culture. The article is not solely based on the different film traits between the two countries but instead how the cinema is a reflection and highlights the difference between the two countries societies and cultures, rather than their view on cinema.

  I believe the aspect, that the article highlights, that is most distinguishing between the two countries is the idea of masculine and feminine culture that is demonstrated in their films. American films are masculine and, as a result, involve assertiveness, strength and bravery. The French, on the other hand, live in a feminine culture and are therefore more focused on relationships and as a result are rather more contemplative. I believe that because of this difference the French and particularly determined to avoid American films and culture because of the overwhelming contrast. This can be related to both countries view on war. The French are well known for being passive and the use of cinema has been blamed for that. America, however, is overtly aggressive when it comes to war because of their emphasis on masculinity in cinema.

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