Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Greece's Opinion on America

This article details the changing opinion on America from Greece, as becoming less negative, and abandoning a long-standing anti-American feeling.
The article says that in 2010 only 12.2% of Greeks favoured America. This hugely increases to 35% in 2012, and 39% in 2013, which is more than 3x as many who favoured America in 2010. I found this information on a global attitudes website (, and obtained this graph from there.
The article also goes on to say how Greeks were very favourable towards Barack Obama, and gave him a 66.8% favourable rating. This is higher than his own country, which was 57% in 2013, and only 25.5% had a negative view on him. This could be an indication as to why the public opinion has changed towards America, perhaps the Greek feel more at ease and favourable of America with Obama in charge. However, the article goes on to say that although this may be the case, the Greek are still largely against American foreign policy, with only 27.6% having a favourable opinion on the matter. 
Generally, the Greek have a very favourable opinion towards American culture, 88.6% have a positive view of American universities, and 85.6% have a positive view on American products and technology. 61.3% of Greeks have a positive opinion towards American people. 
Overall, the Greek opinion towards America is warming, it has gone from being quite harsh and judgemental, to an acceptance of culture, and the hope of Obama, despite the fact that still a high number of Greeks are critical of American foreign policies. 

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