Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Voyage to Virginia

In 1688 Mr John Clayton wrote an account of his voyage to the state of Virginia and on the state itself. Describing to the people back in the mother land how different and similar it was. Most of his report is written from memory, as all his writing equipment fell overboard. Also he states his mind has a weakness where he can’t remember things that well, which he apologises for in in first paragraph. This does in a way make him a form of an unreliable narrator as we can’t guarantee that all his facts will be correct.
The contrast is weather is one of the first things that John mentions in his account. Here is an extract from his description 

“May and June the Heat encreases, and it is much like our Summer, being mitigated with gentle Breezes that rise about nine of the Clock, and decrease and incline as the Sun rises and falls. July and August those Breezes cease, and the Air becomes stagnant that the Heat is violent and troublesome. 

The difference in weather on a month to month basis is shown here and how vast it can be reaching both ends of the weather spectrum. In the quote above it mentions how hot the summers get and how they become “violent and troublesome” something that he finds hard to adapt to. He also states that the Indian’s may not be as civilised as what the English are, 

 “ for I look on the allowing them Horses much more dangerous than even Guns and Powder.”

 This could mean that he is calling them savages as then they would have the basic skills to run around wild and they would be able to get around faster – but at the same time is saying how uncivilised  and basic minded they are as they wouldn't be able to work out how to use the gun and gun powder.

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