Wednesday, 16 October 2013


In December 1606, three ships left England to establish a Virginia Colony. Amongst the men was George Percy, a previous colony's governor. They eventually arrived in April 1607, where they discovered "faire meddowes and goodly tall trees, with such fresh-waters running through the woods".

After spending the day, they experienced their first negative encounter with native peoples (Savages), which could have potentially been an obstacle in their plans to build on 'already-inhabited land'.

However the captain's leadership proved successful in their next encounter with the 'savages'. Where the captain offered a sign of friendship by laying his heart on his hand. "upon that they laid down their Bows and Arrowes, and came very boldly towards us, making signes to come a shoare to their towne". They were entertained by them, fed and shown their culture. "Dancing about him, shouting, howling and stamping against the ground, with many Antic tricks and faces, making noise like so many wolves or Devils."

I think the last quote emphasises the ignorance of the settlers, comparing them to creatures. The English are still prepared to build on land that is already inhabited. Potential Genocide came from all race's, all the time.

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  1. What account have you chosen Leigh Anne? There's a link here to a general page, but the task was to find a specific settler's account. Where are the quotes from?