Sunday, 3 November 2013

American Ideals

This video represents a group called Human Rights First which talks about challenging America to uphold their ideals.

I feel the video expresses the ideals that Crevecoeur talks about as it mentions freedom - 'America is freedom' which Crevecoeur states 'their happy independence, the great share of freedom they possess' which comes from being free from Europe and the class system and the space to set up your own future.

It also talks about national pride which Crevecoeur mentions 'he must necessarily feel a share of national pride when he views the chain of settlements' and expresses how this nation will provide so much for him.

It talks about the freedom of religion, which is what a majority of migrants from Europe wanted and because America is diverse it has many different religions and needs to uphold all of them.

'We are the most perfect society now existing in the world' - this can be expressed by the video's comment 'The world needs American leadership' this expresses how they lead the world not just in innovation and science but in morals and how they uphold the right to universal freedom.

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