Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Romney Plan


Mitt Romney, an American business man and politician, served as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts, and was the republican's nominee for the 2012 presidential elections. In his advertisements for US Presidency, Romney promised a stronger middle class, trade that works for America, reduced spending and by helping small businesses, the promise of 12 million new jobs around the country. 

I believe that what Romney was promising, would have been beneficial to America, yet could it have been accomplished? Both Romney and Obama, promised a change in health care policies, even if Romney suggested it be for small business employees and not those who are uninsured, as Obama has. 
Romney's campaign has elements that have occurred throughout presidential elections since 1792, the promise of a better America. Obama and Romney's view on economic development differ; Romney for economic growth, Obama for fairness.

His advertisement for the 2012 presidential election was a video known as 'The Romney Plan'.

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