Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We've Heard it All Before

Mitt Romney 70th Governor of Massachusetts. 
 This is a political campaign for Barack Obama - but not the stereotypical. The advert for his campaign doesn’t say what he will do if he is elected as President, but it says what his Republican opponent Mitt Romney won’t do, claiming that he is giving at false hope and belief. 
The President of the U.S is meant to be there to represent the people of the country, in a way the voice of the people similar to that of Senator and Member of Congress, but this Ad by the Democratic Party claims that Mitt Romney isn’t. It highlights how he has meant to have favoured one specific level of the class system  - the rich which is a minority – and left behind the ‘middle class’ raising their taxes and ignoring them and in a way claiming that he will not be a strong representative  of them. 
Another point that is made is how “He out sourced Jobs to India”. There is currently and always has been this urge that the U.S should be an independent nation on not have to rely on that much on others.  By Romney apparently sourcing jobs outside he isn’t sticking to U.S beliefs as he should be helping boost the jobs on the home front and therefore failed his country.
It is because of all these promises being made and then followed by failures that help this Ad so well and as the Ad says, “It didn’t work then. It won’t work now”

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