Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Gun Control in the USA

Having the right to own a gun in the US, and actually owning one is seen as the normal as it is part of the country’s history and culture relating back the second amendment. In the past, owning a fire arm was a way a man got his power and respect – i.e. in the Wild West with Cowboys – but in today’s society they are seen more of an item to defend yourself with and a necessity to have like the latest iPhone.  Although owning a gun still today does bring power and authority but, people today abuse that power with examples such as: Colorado Cinema shootings, Sandy Hook shootings. Hence why gun control is so controversial. Below are some links for and against Gun Control:
This website published by Listverse is seen as reliable and unbiased source that looks at all the facts equally and uses them to supports arguments. With the link above it talks about the 10 main arguments for gun control, looking at a range of different aspects such as: deaths, crimes, political and cultural negative connotation and how these views and opinions change internally with in the USA and how other countries around the globe view gun ownership and control. It highlights on how by people owning guns to feel safe and protect themselves, only leads to more homicides, then equally it leads to more suicides. If people buy guns to protect themselves, it argues that if guns were nationally banned then everyone would feel safer as they would be living in a better society – a gun free one, but at the ratio of gun to people I don’t think this will happen as the ration is high as there are 270 million (that we know of) out there.
     I personally understand the views of this website. How that guns do generally have a negative connotation of death and violence around them and usually they do get used in the wrong way. That is why having them banned in the USA you would expect the death rate and violence to go down as you wouldn’t get meaningless and random attacks such as the ones that were mentioned earlier, as the people that committed them would never be able to obtain a gun or firearm of any sort at all.
This website published by Buzzle – a company that researches and develops ideas, which they then write about on their site making it a source of free unbiased data on a range of topics – explains some of the main reasons why Americans should be allowed guns. It relates back to a point in my preliminary saying that guns are part of the country’s history and culture relating it back to Thomas Jefferson. It talks about how people need guns to defend themsleves and helps them to reduce crime levels – which makes the people of the US feel safer and happier.
Here is just a link of a website I found interesting about guns in American giving me background knowledge for this blog:

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