Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dance Hall in Arizona 1884


After the Louisiana Purchase, exploration to the West boomed, and more and more people moved westward. This opened up more opportunities to Americans, with more land to occupy.
This is a picture of a dance hall in Arizona taken in 1884 by Anton Muzzonvich. I chose this picture as I found it interesting as there are both white and coloured people included in the image, which you would probably not expect to see. They are also all mixed together, instead of being separated into groups, which is also not expected.
I also found it interesting, that they are setting up places such as dance halls in the west, so soon after moving there. It shows that life there is not all about hard work, and that the people like to relax, unwind and socialise.


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  2. And note that you can work out why black and white are there if you research a little, eg the full title is Photograph of Anton Mazzanovich, staff and dance hall women at the Hovey Dance Hall in Clifton (Ariz.)