Saturday, 2 November 2013

Education, Education, Education

This is a video on YouTube of a child education product for parents to buy. This is a product in visual, reading and speaking task that will give their children a chance to have a more advanced education, promising that they will have a better life  . I thought this would be a good example of a modern representation of the quote by De Crevecoeur makes about education.

"If he is a good man, he forms schemes of future prosperity, her proposes to educate his children better than he has been educated himself; he thinks of future modes of conduct"  (De Crevecoeur, 2009. Page 59)

This quote shows that the people of America should think about their future and that the older generations should be planning of new ways to help the new generations to have a better life and a better education - which will ultimately leads to a better America. This commercial only emphasises the quote from De Crevecoeur, as this part of the plan to give the children a better education. It claims that by showing younger children education activities they will learn more as this is the time in which their minds are still growing. All of this will make them more prepared for school, College and University leading to a better job.

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